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TOPIC: Practical starting point

Practical starting point 3 years 1 month ago #16

DesigningSound.org is a resource dedicated to the art and technique of sound design, with the aim of sharing information and knowledge for free: Recording Impulse Responses Article (2012)
With growing computing power over the last decade, convolution plugins have become commonplace. Some of the most common ones include Audio Ease Altiverb, Logic’s Space Designer, Avid TL Space, Waves IR-1 and McDsp Revolver. They are usually packaged with large and useful libraries of impulse responses (more on what all this means below), but what makes them really powerful is the fact that it is quite easy to record and use your own impulse responses. This not only helps ‘personalise’ your mixes, but is extremely useful in post-production and in the design of new sounds...

Open AIR Library
Demo, download and share acoustic impulse responses for auralization. Click on IR Data or use the map to browse the entire database. Upload your own sound and listen to it played back with the reverberation of any space found on the database. We welcome contributions to the database from other interesting sources! If you would like to upload and share any impulse response data or anechoic sounds using this site, please register to the site and log in first...
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