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TOPIC: JackAudio on the Network

JackAudio on the Network 2 years 10 months ago #4

JackAudio allows audio channels and MIDI ports of your audio & music apps to be connected with each other. It does, its developers say, everything: audio, MIDI, sync, and data sharing in any arbitrary combination you like. It’s high performance, both optimized for efficient processing and low latency. And encouraging adoption, the SDK is available to all developers; you don’t even have to fill out a form first.
JackAudio is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. You can interconnect many heterogeneous devices on the IP network. It uses a master/slave synchronized design (netJack1/netJack2) or a streaming unsynchronized design (jack.trip).
How do I use JACK over a network?

Everything seems solved but there are some problems on the network:
- Stability (not always reliable)
- Performance (satisfactory for audio but not for MIDI)
- Complexity (only IP networks)
- iOS7+ unsupported
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