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  Kirche am Steinhof/Austria          Strassengel/Austria                    Pernegg/Austria                          
  5.1* from 18 mono ch, cardioid sources   5.1* (from 18 mono ch)   5.1* (from 18 mono ch)
  5.1* from 18 mono ch, bipolar sources        
  5.1* from 18 mono ch, omni sources        
  5.1* (from 1 mono ch, just for comparison)   5.1* (from 1 mono ch)    5.1* (from 1 mono ch) 

 * loseless 24bit 48KHz flac audio files (L-R-C-LFE-LS-RS) 





VSL, MIR PRO: RoomPack3, RoomPack5  

Native Instruments, Reaktor: Factory Ensembles, Harm Visser Acoustic Modelling

Milan Digital Audio, Hauptwerk: 1928 Mt. Carmel E.M. Skinner (DRY)


Original improvisation for pipe organ and percussions


Vienna Symphonic Library Part 7 - More Halls and MIR Pro


- mono multitrack dry source

- 5.1 MIR PRO surround files L-R-C-Lfe-Ls-Rs (with some audio configurations)


MIR is extremely heavy and requires a very powerful computer especially for low latency with surround sound and many sources. We recommend using a Intel dual-processor workstation. For the most demanding users may need to use an HPC cluster (it's not easy, for very advanced users!).