Would you like to construct a MIDI controller for your musical instrument? Do you want to export your MIDI devices onto the wireless, or the net? Do you want to tune and keep track of every detail?

Here you find the new technology that suits you and supports your ideas and your solutions!

Our new technology is a plug-and-play system for USB-MIDI instruments as well as a development platform for high-performances. We are speaking of a software based solution with rapid and deep personalization capabilities.

In a nutshell: we developed a compound MIDI-technology software with endowed encoder, gateway and processor that merge with your network to work on your MIDI products.

Our product is completely transparent in your system and adapts to every necessity of scalability or degree of complexity to operate and integrate with every system. You will be able to interact with many different USB MIDI class compliant, to control many keyboards with a PCI(e) Digital I/O, to define your preferences at an unprecedented level of detail to finally process your MIDI-infrastructure with your own rules.

And this is just the beginning! With a net-console you will keep track of all the events and programming treads! You will verify and test your specific configuration by programming the system via MIDI (USB and UDP Multicast) or more interactively via OSC. This will allow you to find your own optimal stable solution or vice versa it will allow you to explore the most extreme and unstable solutions.

What the advantage of our approach?

The true-time high performance, deep control of the details, exceptional integration/management!

The performances are indeed much higher than what you can get form traditional MIDI DIN5. With a gigabit-network, you can queue up to 500,000 packets per second. Our approach permits to arrange efficiently many USB-MIDI devices and to exploit the PCI bus performances (e.g., the Adlink PCI-7396 performs the read-out of the 8x80 matrix in about 100us, thus meaning a 640 MIDI events every tenth of millisecond). Furthermore, you can set up a highly complex and heterogeneous MIDI-controller being the USB support simply of plug-and-play type. We have no limits to the number and type of USB-MIDI class compliant support and in the heavy-load case, you are free to use multiple I/O PCI(e) cards. Finally, feel free to use high-performance 802.11ac wireless in a secure way with our redundant packet transmission and stream control transmission.

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